Expertise, Trust, Transparency, Efficiency

About us

At MAC Asset Management, we are dedicated to providing bespoke investment solutions to our clients across international financial markets.

Since founded in 2016, the human dimension has been essential in ensuring a tailor-made quality service. Building reliable and transparent relationships with our clients is at the heart of our philosophy.

Our team has extensive multi-asset class experience. We offer tailored advices and implement effective strategies to maximise the return within our portfolios, balancing between exposure and risk is at the heart of the implementation of our strategies.

In addition, our in-depth knowledge of international regulations maintains a high level of transparency and places the protection of your capital and your interests first. 

Our independence allows us to provide you with quality advice based on our convictions.

          Diversification and actively managed portfolios are the keys to provide an uncorrelated performance and achieve absolute return while mitigating risks


We act on four fundamental values that drive our vision of excellence

1 . Expertise

Our team’s experience across international financial services and multi-asset class will ensure your investment journey is strategically guided.

The proven track record in investment banking and asset management of our team make our performance reliable and adaptive to your needs and preference.

From portfolio management, advisory services, and UCITS Fund, we will work closely with you to realize your goals.

2 . Trust

We value the importance of a lasting relationship and trust with our clients and partners.

We stand by your side at each stage of your investment process by offering you scalable solutions according to your needs.

We understand that trust is built over time, that is why we offer a flexible approach, so you remain in control of your capital at any time.

3 . Transparency

The mutual trust between us and our clients is bounded by the transparency of our operation.

That’s why we are committed to operate with transparency and respect high ethical standards. MAC Asset Management is regulated by the FCA and is fully compliant with its regulation. 

We are also subject to the MiFID II Directives, which introduced extensive rules to ensure the best execution and transparency in the financial industry.

4 . Efficiency

We strive for excellence by providing our clients with a diverse and solid range of investment opportunities, whilst also selecting renowned and trustworthy partners.

We are one of the few management companies to have our own execution table, providing our clients with a major advantage in response to a volatile market and a guarantee of high liquidity when executing orders.

We work closely with major investment banks and specialist brokers to provide the best possible execution to our clients. Our open architecture offers you the possibility of seizing all the opportunities present on the market with no constraints.


A dedicated team offering Multi-Asset expertise and client-oriented services. 

Giancarlo Alloa Casale

Founder & Chairman

Julien Da Teresa

CEO & Head of Trading

Florian Marciniak

Fixed-Income Analyst

Oliver Chung

Fixed-Income Analyst