Expertise, Trust, Transparency, Efficiency

About us

Founded in 2016, MAC Asset Management is dedicated to provide tailored investment solutions to its client across international financial markets. 

The human dimension of MAC Asset Management is essential to ensure a tailor-made quality service and to build a privileged relationship with each client.

Our team has extensive multi-asset classes experience. We offer tailored advices and implement effective strategies to maximize the return within our portfolios with a constant concern about risk management. This balance between performance and risk is at the heart of the implementation of our strategies and the support of our clients. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of international regulations maintains a high level of transparency and places the protection of your capital and your interests first. 

Our independence allows us to provide you with quality advice based on our convictions.

We invest with conviction
to achieve our client's goals


Our vision is bounded to four fundamental values essential to ally excellency and performance.

1 . Expertise

With international experience, our teams put their expertise in many asset classes at your service and will guide you on your investment journey to achieve your objectives.

Throughout their career in Investment Banking and Asset Management, our employees have forged a reputation and a proven track record recognized by the industry.

This is the main reason why they offer access to their services through discretionary portfolio management, advisory and a UCITS Fund depending on their preferences.

2 . Trust

We believe in the importance of a lasting relationship of trust with our clients but also with our partners.

This is why we stand side by side with them at each stage of their investment process by offering them scalable solutions; from advisory, to discretionary portfolio management according to client’s needs.

We understand that trust is built over time, which is why the client can choose what solution better suit to him and modify it over time, based on the seriousness of our management.

We offer a flexible approach, so you remain in control of your capital at any time.

3 . Transparency

Our customers are at the heart of our concerns and their protection is primordial.

This is why we do everything we can to ensure that our commitments to transparency are respected with high ethical standards. MAC Asset Management is regulated by the FCA and must observe a high level of compliance and regulation.

The company is also subject to the Mifid II directive, which introduced numerous rules and constraints in terms of best execution and transparency in asset management.

Everything is done to protect investors and we commit ourselves to ensure the application of these rules.

4 . Efficiency

We are dedicated to provide the best execution for our clients.

We are therefore one of the few management companies to have their own execution table, which is a major asset in terms of responsiveness in a volatile market and guarantees high liquidity when placing orders.

We thus improve the profitability of your portfolio in the long run.

We work hand in hand with the largest investment banks (Tier 1) and specialist brokers to provide excellent service to our clients.

Our structure in open architecture offers you the possibility of taking advantage of all the opportunities present on the market without constraints. 


A dedicated team offering Multi-Asset expertise and client-oriented services. 

Giancarlo Alloa Casale

Founder & Chairman

Julien Da Teresa

CEO & Head of Trading

Florian Marciniak

Fixed Income Analyst