Investment Solutions

Discretionary Mandate

The discretionary mandate is suitable for investors wishing to leave the management of their portfolios in the hands of our recognized professionals. This management is based on the trust developed between the client and the portfolio manager.

MAC Asset Management adapts its strategy according to your investment objectives and market conditions. We act with conviction when taking positions while ensuring rigorous risk management. Thanks to our own trading desk, we are able to respond swiftly to volatile markets, and ensuring liquidity with numerous counterparties and offer competitive prices.

The human dimension of our team ensures dynamic work and constant information sharing allowing a global understanding of the markets, and the generation of performance results within a framework of controlled risks. We monitor our portfolios on a daily basis and adapt them accordingly.


Our Advisory service corresponds to experienced investors who seek recommendations from our portfolio manager during their investment journey.

MAC Asset Management helps to personalize and diversify your portfolio by providing real-time recommendations for the purchase or sale of financial instruments, particularly on the equity, bond and structured products markets. You also get access to recommendations to support your decision making. You keep control of your investments by being the final decision maker.

To identify opportunities, our recommendations are based on a rigorous selection of issuers based on the macroeconomic context and following fundamental analysis.

The institutional dimension of our trading desk will provide you with a valuable asset in liquidity sourcing thanks to its many counterparties.


With expertise in Credit and Interest Rates, we implement our strategy in an open-ended fund dedicated to seizing opportunities in the bond market.

Our Luxembourg UCITS Fund offers an attractive and flexible investment solution under strict regulations.

Investing with our UCITS Fund is simple, you can easily subscribe to or make a redemption from our fund through your custodian bank. In addition, your investment in our UCITS Fund is protected by the strict regulations of CSSF in Luxemburg which has established a world-leading position in asset management due to its pioneering position for the implementation of UCITS regulations.

Our UCITS fund is resistant to market volatility and complies with strong constraints in terms of investor protection, but also benefits from all the Luxembourg expertise acquired over the past decades. The search for value is mainly done through the primary market, placing us in first position during the investment process. The flexibility and responsiveness of our management allow us to generate performance with strict and prudential risk management.

Our Fund can be a source of diversification or additional performance for your existing portfolio. In addition, it embodies the beginning of a lasting relationship of trust with our clients.

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