Investment Products

We offer a range of tailor-made products
to best meet the needs of each investor.

Fixed Income

Investment Universe

We have access to Fixed-Income opportunities, ranging from High-Yield to Investment Grade, Emerging Markets to High Grade Markets, including Sovereign and Corporate securities in both the Primary and Secondary Markets.

Our Expertise

With an experienced team in fixed-income portfolio management, we implement our strategy based on detailed analysis of the macroeconomic environment, sectors and fundamental analysis of issuers.

We select securities with a high potential while evaluating and maintaining vigilance with regard to risks.This risk management involves a daily reallocation and an understanding of market trends.

In our research for high-potential opportunities, we are active on the Primary Market for new issuances.

At Mac Asset Management we have implemented a flexible management style alongside strong partnerships with a great number of counterparties. This allows us to be an active player on the Primary Market to seize potential opportunities.


Investment Universe

We offer a wide range of equity investment products, covering all main geographical areas and investment management styles.

Our Expertise

With our experience and in-depth analyses, we are able to select stocks in line with our investment objectives. The responsiveness we spread out in a volatile market context is a key component of our success. With regard to risk management, our managers pay constant attention to our portfolios and adapt the strategic allocation according to the market.

We adopt a "top-down" approach coupled with fundamental analysis in order to select growth or value stocks to deliver the appropriate exposure for our clients' portfolios.

In the United States, we are mainly adopting a “Growth” strategy on technology stocks. Also, we are searching for stocks with high potential in Emerging Markets. 

In Europe, we are primarily focused on a “Value” strategy, which involves vetting undervalued stocks and taking advantage of their potential. 

Above all, at Mac Asset Management, we are open to any possibilities and investment opportunities, including stocks with high dividends.

Structured Products

Investment Universe

The customised feature of structured products offers an attractive solution in an uncertain market environment. They enable investments in a wide range of underlying assets (Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, etc.) with a controlled and calculated risk.

Our Expertise

MAC Asset Management designs and customizes its own structured products based on the different profiles of its own clients and their risk appetite and tolerance.

When designing these products, our team takes care to analyse the underlying factors involved in the operation of these investments and to assess the risks associated with these products.

We work hand in hand with many partners and counterparties in order to offer products that meet specific needs at competitive prices. The combination of performance research and a tailor-made degree of capital protection allows the implementation of innovative and sophisticated strategies on the rise as well as on the downside.

With a multi-asset experience, our team is dedicated to seizing all market opportunities.